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Lipsense Lip Color:

Mineral Make Up Tips:
Foundation: Moisturize, allow to absorb into the skin. Tap a small amount of foundation into the lid of sifter jar and swirl Kabuki brush into powder. Tap off excess, then swirl onto the face. Repeat for full coverage. For tinited moisturizer, simply add a little foundation to your moisturizer of choice!
Setting Powder: Tap a small amount into lid of sifter jar. Using Kabuki, swirl into powder and apply light coverage to the face. Use over and/or under foundation.
Blush/Bronzer/Shimmer:Using a blush brush, tap a small amount of product into lid then swirl brush into it. Tap off excess, remember a little goes a long way!
i-Pigment: Dry-using an eye shadow brush, swirl brush into pigment that sticks to the jar lid when opened. Never work directly from jar, this will put to much product in your brush.  Wet- Use a sponge applicator or q-tip to apply. Blend as needed. See reverse for more pigment ideas!
Additional i-Pigment Uses:
Primer: Put a small amount of primer onto your finger, blend over eyelid area. For maximum eye shadow color dab, don’t spread, onto lid.
Color Loc: For an extreme, waterproof look. Shadow: use a small amount mixed with your choice of color pigment or glitter and apply to desired area. Liner: mix pigment choice with ColorLoc, use an eyeliner brush to place along lash line, let dry. Mascara: use mascara wand to apply to lashes. Glitter: use a q-tip and spread gel into desired shape. Dip q-tip into glitter, roll over ColorLoc area.
Nail Polish: Dip polish brush into desired pigment, apply to nail.
Lip Gloss:Potted: apply gloss to lips, apply desired pigment onto gloss. Wand: dip lip gloss wand into desired pigment, apply to lips.
Hair Color: Apply hair product, or use Color Loc. Using fingers or mascara wand, apply to hair in desired pattern.
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